Days 4-7, chilling in not-Mexico

The use of the word “chilling” is definitely a stretch.

Day 4 was travel to Mazatlan, and I arrived just after 1pm.

Day 6, I traveled to Puerto Vallarta (PV) and arrived around 5pm. And tomorrow I’m heading toward Guadalajara, but will cut north just prior to avoid running through the large city.

So, pictures.

I stayed at the Ramada hotel in Mazatlan, and it was nice (but of course touristy). Strangely, it was mostly Mexican tourists! I did meet a nice pair of couples from Veracruz on k1300-something BMWs, just starting a trip to Alaska. Best of luck to them!

The beach was quite nice, and I even took a waverunner ride for 30 minutes 🙂

The town itself, though, is a bit depressed. The entire area along the beach is filled with still-open shops, containing sole sad-faced owners sitting at the doors. Half-built buildings litter the entire beach line..

But hey, you can still bury a girl and give her sand boobies:

Also, the market in the city center is WONDERFUL:


Also, birds (white-winged doves, in this case) like to nest in bananas:

And there are great sunsets, to test your tripod and long-exposure skills:


And on to the important part: the road south, to San Blas, and then on to PV. Amazing blacktop with tons of twisties:

And it’s basically THE point where Mexico transitions from arid desert/grasslands to full-on jungle:

San Blas is an amazing little town! I can see why so many gringos live there:

More lovely jungly lands, from the seat:

And apparently, I could have hopped the little-known SF-PV wormhole to get here!:


I don’t really have many pictures from PV – a few cell phone pics that are fun, but this is already really long.

Tomorrow: into the highlands and away from this heat!


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