Day 1, trundling along, way too fast.

It’s 8pm. I’m sun burnt on my wrists, sore, and pooped.

I wasn’t sure how far I’d go the first day. Ended up riding about 600 miles, mostly because I got annoyed toward the end.

But I was annoyed much earlier – I-5 (enough said?). I headed East at Bakersfield… well, I don’t need to describe the route; look here:

Once I got past Pasadena, the temperature — which I thought was already insane — decided it shouldn’t be below my body temperature any more. Nay, it should be 10 degrees warmer. I can’t wait to get farther south, into the jungle-y area, where it doesn’t get above 90˚.

So I’m currently in a hotel in Westmorland, CA, about 60 miles from the border. Had a nice ribeye & veggies dinner, and I’m trying to drink a 1.5 litre water I paid $3 for.

Here is the view (yay, a blurry cell phone picture!):


Tomorrow, I should try to get to Hermosillo – even though it’s 450 miles away. AFTER THAT, I should be able to slow down — I’ll be on the coast, with lots of interesting things to see, and much better weather. We’ll see 🙂


11 thoughts on “Day 1, trundling along, way too fast.

  1. And, for the record, Westmorland, CA, does not sell sunscreen.

    First, how do you describe sunscreen to a spanish speaker? Sol .. blocker. “nada sol *points at sunburn*” seemed to work.

    None of the 4 stores in town sells it. Apparently sunscreen isn’t needed in one of the hottest places on earth.

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