Mexico 2013, FKA “planning is stupid”

I used to spend days reading advrider, researching all the things I need to buy and organize before taking a motorcycle trip longer than a few days.

Screw all that. People always pack too many things they never use, and are slaves to the pre-determined routes. I’m trying to avoid both perils.

I’m taking off in 6 days to go to Mexico. Don’t know where. And I’m packing what I’d normally take for a 2-day weekend ride.

I hope to make it to Oaxaca, and maybe even further south – choosing to explore either the Yucatan or Guatemala. But if I see lots of interesting stuff and use up my two week window, well, then, I saw interesting stuff and will just have to make another trip to see the other stuff. I’ll avoid doing more than 350 miles per day… though the border region (and US stretch) will probably be 500-600 mile days 🙂

All I know, right now, is that I’m heading to Yuma to cross the border, and take 15 South.

You’ll be able to follow along, using the Charlie Tracker link at the top of this page.

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